Worldwide Contacts

Many of our Częstochowa landsleit regularly travel around the world.
Listed here are landsleit offering themselves as contact points in their cities - reach out and connect!

  • Częstochowa
    Izabela Sobańska-Klekowska
    – email: Tel: Please email before arrival.
  • Lawrence, KS
    Erica Fox Zabusky
    – email: Tel: +1-267-258-6640

From the Webmaster:

As we discovered at our First Reunion in Częstochowa, back in April 2004, Częstochowa Jews and their descendants live all over the world!

This page features a listing of people, all with their roots in Częstochowa, who have offered themselves as contact points in their respective cities, for other of our landsleit who live or may be visiting to their area.

Become a Contact Point!

If you would like to add your name to this listing, simply email the Webmaster with your name, email address and, optionally, a contact telephone number.

Please remember to include your location – your city/town, your state/province and your country.