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"The Jews of Częstochowa"

“One of Poland’s largest and most vibrant Jewish communities lived in Częstochowa up until the German invasion of Poland in September 1939 and the ensuing Holocaust. From the 18th Century, followers of traditional Judaism, Hasidic Jews, and Christians lived together in relative peace. Until its devastation, Częstochowa Jewry was renowned for its religious faith and academic advances. The massive deportations of Częstochowa Jews to the Treblinka death camp, September and October 1942, took a toll of 40,000 victims.

“Let history teach us tolerance, peaceful coexistence of nations and mutual understanding so that we know better our neighbours. Let us create something which will make us think deeply about the past and the future and will loudly announce that the future of Poland and of all other nations should and must be based on mutual understanding and tolerance.”


Prof. Dr. hab.Jerzy Mizgalski

Our Exhibition – Part 1

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Our Exhibition – Part 2

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