Conference Papers

2009 Conference

"The Fate of the Jews of Częstochowa 1945-2009"  / "Losy Żydów Częstochowian 1945-2009"




Mizgalski, Jerzy: The Survivors – In Search of Their Place in a Post-War Reality

Rolat, Sigmund: My Departure From and Return to Poland

Silberstein, Alan: An Interview

Błuszkowski, Jan: Distinctive Stereotypical Features of Jews in the Awareness of Poles

Renz, Regina: My Home, My City, My Small Town – A Picture of Jewish Life Before the Holocaust

Sielski, Jerzy: Political Conditioning in Poland after World War II and National Minorities, with the Jewish Community as an Example

Śliwa, Michał: I’m Searching for Antisemitism – The Attitude of Polish Socialists to the Jewish Issue in the Second Polish Republic

Tych, Feliks: The Survivors of HASAG

Weiss, Szewach & Soja, Małgorzata: Being a Jew Today . . .

Wróbel, Sylwester: The Social Functions of a City

Zasuń, Anna: Psycho-Social and Psycho-Political Diversity Within the Concept of Identity with Specific Reference to the Jewish Community

Złotkowski, Dariusz: Wills of Częstochowa Jews from the Years 1834-1865 as a Picture of Their Economic and Social Activity

Edelist, Arye: Memories

Fiszer, Elizabeth: The Landau Family of Częstochowa

Goldman, Anna: an Interview

Horowitz, Edward Gabriel: Survivors in the Centre of Częstochowa

Karay, Felicja: A Few Words About the Book The Hasag-Apparatebau Camp in Częstochowa

Laski, Kazimierz: A Few Memories

Mundlak-Zborowska Elźbieta: an Interview

Ofir, Ada: My Next Life Began Thus

Proskurowska, Bolesława: Memories

Rajcher, Andrew: Post-War Emigration and Identity – the Australian Experience

Szperling, Seweryn: The Son of Four Parents

Wasilewicz, Halina: My Life in Częstochowa

Willenberg, Samuel: Perec Willenberg

Wolinetz, Lea: an Interview