Czenstochov (1958)

A New Supplement to the Book "Czenstochover Yidn"

This Yizkor Book was published as a supplement to the Yizkor Book “Czenstochover Yidn”, which was published in New York in 1947.

According to this Yizkor Book’s Editors:

As the “United Czenstochover Relief Committee”, we had originally intended to publish a booklet in honour of our Częstochowa landsmann Raphael Federman, [who is] well‐known by all, to mark the 50th anniversary of his communal activity for the benefit of the public and, especially, for our hometown of old ‐ Częstochowa. At first, we planned to issue a booklet, on a modest scale ….

However, the response on the part of landsleit and friends everywhere, both here and in whichever other countries our landsleit find themselves, was so favourable, that we were forced to change the entire plan …. Jewish writers presented themselves with articles and memoirs and … we were forced to abandon the original modest project and, instead, we decided to publish a book the same size as “Czenstochover Yidn”, entitled ”Czenstochov”. And, as the reader may perceive, this current book is of no lesser value in important historical treatises than the first book, “Czenstochover Yidn” …..

May this book “Czenstochov” constitute an Eternal Monument to all those near and dear and always remind us of our old hometown’s spiritual heritage.

[Webmaster: As far as we know, this is the first COMPLETE, PROFESSIONAL, English-language translation of this book. To the best of our knowledge, prior to this, only a handful of chapters seem to have ever been translated into English.]

This Yizkor book has now been PROFESSIONALLY translated into English
– for the FIRST TIME in its entirety!

The professional English translation of this Częstochowa Yizkor book has been made possible by the financial support of the

Wolf Rajcher z”l and Dora Rajcher z”l were both Holocaust survivors from Częstochowa.

They were prisoners in both the “Big Ghetto” and the “Small Ghetto” and, until liberation, were slave labourers in HASAG-Pelcery. Following the War, they emigrated to Melbourne Australia.

Upon the passing of both his parents, their son, Andrew Rajcher, established this charitable fund in their memory.

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(The numbers in brackets, after each article, correspond to the appropriate page numbers in the book.)

Introduction (I-IV)

Table of Contents (V-VI)

Foreword – by the Book Editors (VII-VIII)


Introduction (1-4)

L. Brenner: The Rise of Jewish Settlement in Częstochowa (1700-1939) (5-10)

Dr.Zvi Cohen: The Jewish Kehilla in Częstochowa – Its Composition and Activity (11-20)

Dr.Zvi Cohen: The Zionist Movement in Częstochowa – General  Zionists, Mizrachi, Revisionists (21-24)

Ch. Kiel: Ha’Shomer Ha’Tzair – a Page of Memories (25-26)

Dr.W.Gliksman: Częstochowa’s Streets – the Aleje (27-31)

Motl Berkowicz: A Jewish House in Częstochowa (32-36)

Introduction (37-38)

Dr.Benjamin Orenstein: Częstochowa Jews During the Nazi Era (39-46)

Zvi Rosenwein: The Hunger Strike in the Częstochowa Ghetto (47-49)

Zvi Rosenwein: The Arbeiterrat in Częstochowa (49-51)

Szlomo Waga: The Blood of the Annihilated Screams from the Ground (52-56)

J.Soski: The Mobilisation (56-57)

A.L.Bomba: My Escape From Treblinka (57-59)

Minutes of the First National Conference of Częstochowa Jews in Poland (60-61)

Dr.Benjamin Orenstein: The Częstochower Landsleute in the DP Camps in Germany (62-66)

Dr.Benjamin Orenstein: Częstochowa Folklore During the Nazi Period (66-67)

Dr.Phillip Friedman: Destruction and Resistance of the Częstochowa Jews During the Nazi Occupation (a Bibliographical Overview) (68-78)

Introduction (79-80)

Liber Brener: The Jewish Settlement in Częstochowa After WWII (1945-1956) (81-84)

Mojsze LedermanA Letter from Present-Day Częstochowa (1945-1954) (85-85)

Raphael Federman: The “Bund” in Częstochowa in the Years Following the Second World War (86-96)

Sz. L. SznajdermanThis is How Częstochowa Looks Now – Impressions From a Visit in Autumn 1957 (97-108)


Dr Zvi CohenJakub Frank in Częstochowa – an Historical Chapter (110-112)

Dr Zvi CohenThe Rabbi and Prodigy Reb Nachum Asz ztz’’l (112-115)

Dr Zvi Cohen: The Częstochower Rebbe, Reb Awigdor z’’l – a Portrait of a “Good Jew”, Who was Unlike All Others (115-118)

Dr Zvi Cohen: The Great Musical Artist Abram Birnbaum – Head Cantor at the New Synagogue for Twenty Years (119-121)

Dr Zvi CohenAbram Wiewiorka – A Chapter of Memories (121-124)

Ephim JeshurinAbram Wiewiorka Bibliography (124-125)

Mojżesz Dłużnowski: Wolf Wiewiorka – Pages of Memories (125-129)

Chaim-Leib Fuchs: They Were Three Brothers – The Perished Wilczyński Brothers (129-133)

Lotty Malach: Icek Jurysta (133-135)

Z. Turkow: Perec Willenberg – a Chapter of the Book Theatre Memories (136-137)

Dr B. Orenstein: Dr Jakub Szacki’s Contribution to the History of the Jews in Częstochowa (137-138)

Raphael Federman: Dr Aron Singalowsky – Aron Częstochower (139-140)

Raphael Federman: Józef Aronowicz (141-143)

Raphael Federman: Zalman Tenenberg (144-144)

Raphael Federman: Herszl Frajman – Herszl Blacharz (Tinsmith) (144-145)

Raphael Federman: Aron Peretz (145-146)

Raphael Federman: Izaak Samsonowicz (146-147)

Raphael Federman: Szmul Frank and his Family (147-151)

I.Sz. Herc: Rajzla and Mojsze Berkensztadt (152-152)

I.Sz. Herc: Eli Alebarde (153-153)

A. Chrobolovsky: People and Times – Częstochowa Memoirs (154-163)

A. Chrobolovsky: The Legend Lives – Memory of the I.L. Peretz School, the Children’s Homes, the Teachers and the School Activists (163-168)

Abram Litman: Hersz-Dawid Nomberg in Częstochowa (168-170)

Abram Litman: The Great Secret (170-171)

Abram Litman: A Chassidic Demonstration (172-173)

Raphael Federman: Sholem Asch [Szalom Asz] z’’l in Our Częstochowa of Old (173-175)

Josel Berliner: I am a Pioneer in California (175-176)

Harry Dziubas: America Has Lifted Me Up – Notes of a New-Arrival (176-178)

D. Najmark: My Impressions of Częstochowa (178-179)

Herszel Epsztajn: From Nowo Radomsko to Los Angeles – Pages of Memories and Notes (179-181)

A. Chrobolovsky: “Reb” Dwojra Masz (182-182)

Chonon Kiel: “Tzimmes” (183-184)

Chonon Kiel: Riwe’le (184-186)


Chonon Kiel: Poems – “To the Warta”, “The Old Synagogue”, “I Seek” (189-190)

A. Wilcz (Chaskiel Wilczyński): In the Labour Camp (191-193)

A. Wiewiorka: Yom Kippur (193-193)

Chaim-Leib Szwarc: My Desire (193-193)

Berisz Wajnsztajn: An Easterly Streak – a Poetic Chapter (194-197)

S.D. Singer: On the Shores of the Warta and East River – by Raphael Federman (197-200)

A. Chrobolovsky: Częstochowa Becomes a City – by Chaim-Leib Szwarc (200-203)

Szoszana Częstochowska: “The Day After”, “In the Storm” (203-203)

Dr W. Gliksman: Notes and Reviews – Yizkor Books (204-210)


A. Chrobolovsky: Dr Józef Kruk’s 70th Birthday (212-222)

I.N. Steinberg: For Alkona Chrobolovsky’s 70th Birthday (222-225)

Dawid Tański: Jakub-Ber Silver [Zylber] – at Seventy-Five (225-226)

Ben-Mordechai: Raphael Federman’s Fifty Years of Social Activity (226-227)

Zvi Rosenvein: Raphael Federman (228-230)


Dr W Gliksman: The Activities of the United Częstochowa Relief Committee in New York – 1950-1957 (232-239)

Morris Sztern: Częstochowa-Łódź Branch 324 Arbeiter Ring in New York (240-240)

Józef Kaufman: The Czenstochover Young Men (241-241)

S. Goldberg: The East Bronx Czenstochover Society in New York (241-241)

Ruben Luks: Czenstochover Regional Union in Detroit (242-242)

H. Grauman: The Activity of the Czenstochover and Vicinity Aid Society in Los Angeles, CA. (243-243)

Dr B. Orenstein: The Activity of the Częstochower Landsmannschaft in Montreal [Canada] (243-246)

Abram Gotlib (Israel): Częstochower Landsleit in the State of Israel (247-249)

Emza Bern: The Activity of the Częstochower Landsleit in Argentina (250-253)

Dawid Wrocławski: The Częstochowa and Vicinity Society in Paris (253-254)

Dr Leib Kurland: The Activity of the Jews from the Częstochowa and the Vicinity Society in Paris (255-256)


Lea Szwarc: By the Open Window (to the Eternal Memory of My Husband Chaim-Leib) (257-258)

Dr W. Gliksman: Aba Kaufman z’’l (- a Brief Outline of His Personality) (258-259)

Raphael Federman: Jechiel Lewensztajn z’’l (260-261)

A. Chrobolovsky : The Memory of Szaja Jakow Mencoff z’’l (261-262)

Lajbel (Louis) Szymkowicz z’’l (262-262)

Regina (Rywka) Kuperman-Rozenfeld z”l (263-263)

Itta Lenczner (264-264)

Fanny Fajersztajn (264-264)


El Moleh Rachamim (266-267)

Abram Gotlib (Israel): To Commemorate Częstochowa Jewry (268-269)

For Eternal Remembrance [of Loved Ones} – א [Aleph] to ו [Vav] (269-277)

For Eternal Remembrance [of Loved Ones} – ט [Tet] to פ [Fey] (278-283)

For Eternal Remembrance [of Loved Ones} – פ [Fey] to ש [Shin] plus Addendum (284-289)

In Memory of the Fallen Bundists (290-297)

In Memory of Our Dear, Unforgettable Parents, Brothers, Sisters and Relatives (298-303)

Częstochowa [a song] (304-304)


Introduction (305-305)

Index of Names Mentioned in the Book Czenstochover Yidn (306-322)

Index of Names Mentioned in the Book Czenstochover Yidn (Translator’s Notes)

Index of Names from “Who’s Who” in the Book Czenstochover Yidn (323-327)

Index of Names Mentioned in the Book Czenstochov (327-334)

Notes to Other Indexes (Translator’s Notes)

Notes From the Editors (335-336)

Mojsze Kremski  (I-I)

Menachem Fuchs  (I-I)

Szyme (Szymon) Woznica  (II-II)

Berl (Ben) Woznica  (II-II)

Szulim Baum  (II-II)

Wolf Srebnik  (II-II)

Ajzyk Krys  (II-III)

Dawid Diamant (III-III)

Adolf and Fannie Wilinger (III-III)

William Fridman (IV-IV)

Dr Morris Zajdman (IV-IV)

The Rykman and Stal Family Circle in New York (IV-IV)

Index of Names Appearing in this Yizkor Book


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