The Finkelstein Family

nee Dziubas


The Dziubas family was very orthodox, Gere Hassidim, and, on ul Nadrzeczna 36-38, they built the biggest soap factory in Poland and Russia.

In 1895, Majtla Dziubas married Abraham Hanoch Finkelstein, who was born in Sosnowiec.


 As well as being a Jewish scholar, Abraham was a chemist and worked in his father-in-law’s soap factory, while studying Jewish texts “all day long”.

Between 1896 and 1913, they had eleven children, eight sons and three daughters. Each of them eventually turned away from religion and became a Socialist-Zionist – several were members of Hashomer Hatsair.

Living by the Warta River, their home was vibrant with a passion for chemistry, music, and tikkun olam. Majtla was such a good mother that each child had the feeling he/she was her favourite.

The older son, Motel, became a journalist. Because of the numerus clausus, Moshe, Victor and, later, my father Luzer went to France to study.

In 1933, Abraham died of a heart attack.

Regina survived working in Hasag, Cesia and Włodek worked in Germany as Aryan Poles, Luzer> fought with the partisans in Belarus, Perec escaped to Russia.

Motel was tortured and murdered in Treblinka. Sala died of typhus in Częstochowa.

My grandmother, Majtla was taken to Treblinka in September 1942. Her grandchildren, who never knew her, are dispersed around the world in Israel, France and the United States.

Submitted by:

Sylvie Finkelstein

– granddaughter of
Abraham Hanoch and
Majtla (nee Dziubas) Finkelstein