Write a Tribute

- for the "Lives & Legends" section of our website

Częstochowa Landsleit are encouraged to pay tribute to their parents,
their grandparents or other members of their nuclear or extended family,
who either survived or perished in the Holocaust.

  • In fact, anyone who wishes to may write a tribute page to some or all of their family,
    so long as their family comes from Częstochowa or the surrounding area.
  • Each tribute should be a maximum of 1,500 words (in WORD or plain text format)
    and MUST be accompanied by at least 2 or up to 4 photographs (a page of plain text
    without a pic or two does not look good at all)..
  • Each tribute should be headed CLEARLY with the names of the people being written about.
  • You may submit a tribute for as many families as you wish – but please,
    write each one SEPARATELY.
  • Please state clearly the name you want to appear as the author of the tribute and,
    optionally, your relationship to the family being written about.

All tributes
should be
emailed to
the Webmaster