Częstochowa Jews - a Biographical Dictionary

- edited by Dr. Juliusz Sętkowski

This book contains almost 600 biographies of Jews, who were associated with Częstochowa in the 19th, 20th and early 21st centuries. It includes those who were born and lived permanently in Częstochowa, as well as those who were associated with the city for a short period or even for several years.

What determined their inclusion in the publication was their professional and creative activity or social service within the community. Some of the distinguished individuals in this dictionary were born in Częstochowa, but left at a young age and their contributions became well-known elsewhere – in Israel and abroad.

Included are profiles of Jews who were significant in the history of the city and the state. They include the names of Jews active in the economic, political, local, social, religious and scientific fields, as well as in education, health, law, sports, culture and art.

This book is the result of research by many people over many years – in archives, published bibliographies and press reports – as well as efforts to obtain information directly from families. The work makes extensive use of necrology, documenting information about deceased people, as well as broader memories describing the activities of a given person. Much information was taken from inscriptions engraved on the cemetery tombstones. The book makes use of the extensive material contained in the first volume of the cemetery book by Wiesław Paszkowski, “The Jewish Cemetery in Częstochowa”, which was published in Częstochowa in 2012.

About the Editor, Dr Juliusz Sętowski: Born in Częstochowa in 1959, Dr Sętkowski heads the Częstochowa Museum’s Centre for Documentation of the History of Częstochowa (ODDC). He specialises in the history of Częstochowa and the surrounding region. He is the author, co-author and editor of numerous studies on the history of the city, including monographs of schools, four biographical guides to Częstochowa cemeteries and he also guides historical tours around Częstochowa. In 2007, he was awarded to Karol Mirka Prize.

This book is the winner of the inaugural and 2020 Wolf & Dora Rajcher Memorial Prize
for the best, new, original research into the Jewish history of Częstochowa and the surrounding region.


All English-translated texts are listed below in the order in which they appear in the book.
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(The numbers in brackets, after each article, correspond to the appropriate page numbers in the book.)

Introduction and Credits (1-2)

Juliusz Sętowski: Preface (3-5)

Editorial Note (6-6)

List of Abbreviations (7-9)

ABRAMOWICZ, Szymon Chaim Sumer (11-12)

AJZYKIEWICZ, Anka Chana (12-12)

AJZYKIEWICZ, Salomea Salka Lusia (12-12)

AJZNER, Mosze (12-13)

AKERMAN, Dawid (13-13)

ALEBARDA, Eliasz (Eli) (13-14)

ALEMANY (actually ALTMAN), Bernard (14-15)

ALTER, Bernard (15-15)

ALTER, Michał (15-16)

ALTMAN, Becalel Calel (16-17)

ALTMAN, Natan (17-17)

ALTMAN, Samuel (17-18)

ANISFELD, Wolf (18-19)

ARBUS (ARBUZ), Moritz (19-20)

ARNSTEIN, Mark (20-21)

ARONOWICZ, Józef (21-23)


ASZ, Leon Lejb (24-25)

ASZ, Rabbi Nachum (25-27)

AWNER (AWNERÓWNA), Estera (27-28)

AXER, Filip (28-29)

BADASZ, Józef (30-30)

BAJGEŁE, Emanuel (30-31)

BAŁABAN, Majer Samuel (31-32)


BAŁABANOW, Leon Lew (32-33)

BARON, Maks (34-34)

BATAWIA, Ludwik (34-37)

BAUM, Majer (37-38)

BEM, Aleksander (38-39)

BEM, Gustawa Gitla (39-39)

BEM, Karol Kopel Jerzy (39-39)

BERGMAN, Adam Aron  (40-40)

BERGMAN, Bronisław Bernard  (40-41)

BERGMAN, Dawid  (41-41)

BERGMAN, Marta  (41-42)

BERGMAN, Stefan  (42-43)

BERKOWICZ (originally Aufman/Offman), Judka  (43-43)

BERKOWICZ, Szmaja  (43-43)

BERLINER, Natan Dawid  (43-44)

BERLINERBLAU, Józef  (44-46)

BERNSTEIN, Nissen Ozjasz  (46-46)

BIDA, Helen Chaja  (47-47)

BIEŻYŃSKI, Beniamin Nusen  (47-47)

BIRENCWAJG, Machel Michał   (47-48)

BIRNBAUM, Abram Ber (48-50)

BIRNBAUM, Izaak (51-51)

BIRNBAUM, Mieczysław Markus (51-52)

BIRNBAUM, Stella Estera (52-53)

BIRO-FAJNRAJCH, Fela (53-54)

BIRO (originally Birencwajg), Szymon (54-55)

BLUM, Ignacy Icchak (55-56)

BLUMENFELD, Adolf (56-56)

BLUMENFELD, (actually Moszek Dawid) Dawid (56-57)

BLUMENFELD, Gustaw (57-57)

BOCHENEK, Dawid (57-58)

BOCIAN, Bernard Berl (58-60)

BÖHM (BEM), Daniel (60-60)

BÖHM (BEHM, BEM), Szymon (60-61)

BOJM, Leon (61-62)

BORZYKOWSKI Dawid Lajzer (62-63)

BRAJBART, Feliks Felek (63-64)

BRAM, Arnold Aron (64-66)

BRANDLEWICZ, Zygmunt Zyskind (66-66)

BRAT, Abraham (66-67)

BRATMAN, Efroim (67-67)

BRENER, Liber (67-71)

BRESLER (BRESSLER), Jerzy Chaskiel (71-72)

BRONIATOWSKI, Artur (72-73)

BRONIATOWSKI, Chaskiel (73-73)


Andrew Rajcher


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