Częstochowa Tourist Map

Jewish & General Sites of Interest

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The map above shows the locations of both Jewish and general interest.

The shaded areas represents the two Częstochowa ghettos:

  • The “Big Ghetto” – the light-green shaded area
  • The “Small Ghetto” – the dark-green shaded area

The markers denote specific sites. They are listed below and correspond, roughly, to the map, listing them from left to right and from top to bottom. They are:

  • Jasna Góra Cloister – housing the Black Madonna icon
  • Mercure Patria Hotel – the base for the World Society’s Reunions
  • TSKŻ – the Social and Cultural Association of Jews in Poland
  • Jewish Gimnazjum – Jewish High School (later moved to ul Jasnogórska 8/10)
  • The Częstochowa Museum – the Old Town Hall (Stary Ratusz)
  • The Częstochowa City Hall – and administrative offices
  • Dr Filip Axer’s Jewish Gimnazjum – private Jewish secondary school
  • Częstochowa Historical Doumentation Centre
  • The HASAG-Pecery Slave Labour Camp memorial
  • The Moebellager – Jewish children were hidden here
  • The Częstochowa Philharmonic Hall – once the site of the New Synagogue
  • The Kawia Street Place of Execution
  • Kula Cemetery – Jews have been buried here since the 1970’s
  • The Mikveh
  • The Jewish Museum of Częstochowa
  • The Old Synagogue – destroyed by the Nazis in 1943
  • The Częstochowa Umschlagplatz
  • The National Archives in Częstochowa
  • The Częstochowa Jewish Cemetery