Collecting the Memories – a New Project

October 4, 2020
Source: Alon Goldman & Andrew Rajcher

Over many years, some Holocaust survivors have documented their memories in different languages and in different methods – through printed, limited-edition memoirs,  in video documentaries, in written/photographic testimonies at Yad Vashem, the USC Shoah Foundations, in local Holocaust museums and more.

For us and for future generations, these memories and testimonies are of great historical importance as they represent survivors and witnesses telling us their own stories of what occurred in Częstochowa before, during and after the Holocaust. As these survivors and witnesses sadly leave us, by preserving their stories, we will enable them to continue to speak to us “from beyond the grave”.

Together with Andrew Rajcher, the webmaster of our Częstochowa Jews website, we are launching a project – “Collecting the Memories“, in which, under the “one roof” of our website, we will endeavour to centralise all those personal stories published, through whatever media and in whatever language.

Should you have any questions or would like to subbmit material for this project, please can contact:
Alon Goldman (in the first instance) –
Andrew Rajcher –