Meeting on Future of Częstochowa Jewish Cemetery

May 22, 2024

Source: Alon Goldman

After great efforts over a long period, by our World Society Vice-President Alon Goldman, an important meeting took place today at the cemetery, Częstochowa Jewish Cemetery stakeholders, regarding its future.

Those present included Częstochowa Mayor Krzysztof Matyjaszczyk, Provincial Conservator of Heritage Sites Łukasz Konarzewski, Chairman of the Jewish Gmina in Katowice Włodzimierz Kac, Vice-President of the World Society of Częstochowa Jews & Their Descendants Alon Goldman, as well as representatives of the National Institute for the Conservation of Heritage Sites.

Discussions took place on the future of this important site, which is sacred to all of us.

All participants agreed to hold regular future meetings and it appears that, at last, this is a first step towards resolving the issue of the ownership of the cemetery. This is essential to the funding and carrying out of future and major restoration works, which are and will be urgently required on this sacred site.