Częstochowa and Tel Aviv Commemorate 79th Anniversary of Częstochowa Ghetto Liquidation

September 22, 2021
Sources: Alon Goldman, Jolanta Urbańska

Ceremonies took place in both Częstochowa and Tel Aviv commemorating the 79th anniversary of the liquidation of the Częstochowa ghetto.

In Częstochowa, the ceremony took place at the Jewish Holocaust Memorial on Samuel Willenberg Square. This is the site from where around 40,000 Jews were deported, in six transports of cattle trains, to their deaths in the Treblinka extermination camp.

Those participating in the Częstochowa ceremony included Częstochowa Deputy Mayor Dr. Ryszard Stefaniak, Deputy Chair of the Częstochowa City Council Ms. Jolanta Urbanska, Chair of the Częstochowa Branch of the Association for Jewish Culture (TSKŻ) Ms. Izabela Sobańska-Klekowska, students from Częstochowa’s Słowacki and General Anders High Schools, as well as members of the Częstochowa Jewish Community and friends, who value and respect Częstchowa’s Jewish history and legacy.

At the Nahalat Yitzhak Cemetery in Tel Aviv, a ceremony took place at the monument erected by Częstochowa Holocaust Survivors. Vice-President of our World Society and Chairman of the Association of Częstochowa Jews in Israel, Alon Goldman, recited “Kaddish” in memory of those who perished. He was accompanied by Ada Willenberg, wife of the late Samuel Willenberg z”l, creator of the Holocaust monument in Częstochowa.