Częstochowa Jews in Israel Hold Annual Memorial Evening

December 19, 2023
Source: Alon Goldman

The Association of Częstochowa Jews in Israel held its annual Memorial Evening on Tuesday 19th December 2023 at Levinsky College in Tel Aviv. The event marked the 81st anniversary of the liquidation of the Częstochowa Ghetto and was held despite the ongoing threat to Israel within its borders.

Following the recitation of Kaddish by Tzvika Welgreen, a member of the second generation, Alon Goldman, Chairman of the Association of Częstochowa Jews in Israel, reviewed the activities being carried out in Częstochowa and around the world to preserve the Częstochowa’s Jewish heritage. He also outlined the challenges we face regarding the preservation and restoration of the city’s Jewish cemetery.

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Modi Givon, presenting a talk on the subject, “Why a Hebrew Song”, spoke of the place and importance of a song whose content reflected events of the time in the experiences of a nation – in times of joy, as well as in times of pain – in contrast to those songs about events and emotion which are just fleeting.

Concluding the evening, Cedric Olivestone told the amazing story of his relative, Rabbi Benzion Oliwenstein, a Częstochowa dayan – “Bringing Uncle Ben from Częstochowa to Jerusalem”.

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