Nissenbaum Family Foundation Workers Aid in Clean-Up of Częstochowa Jewish Cemetery

June 2, 2023
Words: Alon Goldman Pictures: Krzysztof Strauss

This week, the clean-up work at the Częstochowa Jewish Cemetery continued with aid from the Nissenbaum Family Foundation.

Responding to a request from World Society Vice-President Alon Goldman, a team of skilled workers from the Foundation spent two days working at our Cemetery – and they worked wonders!

The team focused on professional tasks which the students could not do such as cutting down trees which had fallen to the ground or trees which were broken and were leaning on one side. They also pruned bushes and branches in order to prepare them for removal from the cemetery.

For many years, the area to the left of the cemetery entrance has not been revealed in this way.  This resultant clearing will allow Alon, upon his return, to endeavour to locate new gravestones which, until today, have been hidden by the thick vegetation.

The Nissenbaum Family Foundation was founded in 1983, with the aim of saving Jewish testimonies and heritage in Poland. It was the first foundation established in Poland after World War II and, for years, its activities have been focused on the restoration and protection of Jewish cemeteries throughout Poland.

We sincerely thank Gidon Nissenbaum and Wojciech Łygaś
for their positive response to our request to lend us such an important helping hand.

The next work week will take place between 12th-16th June 2023. During that week, Alon Goldman will be assisted by Pastor Steven Reece and volunteers from the MATZEVAH Foundation from the USA, Pawel Kulig and volunteers from the Guardians of Remembrance Foundation from Lodz, our friends the volunteers of Fundacja Chrześcijańska Adullam of Częstochowa and students from Częstochowa high schools.