Częstochowa TSKŻ Celebrates Israel Independence Day

June 7, 2021
Source: Towarzystwo Społeczno-Kulturalne Żydów, Częstochowa

On 7th June 2021, the Częstochowa branch of the TSKŻ (the Social-Cultural Association of Jews in Poland) celebrated Israel’s Independence Day at its headquarters at ul. Katedralna 8, in the building which is also home to the Jewish Museum of Częstochowa.

The event began with a lecture by branch Chairwoman Izabela Sobańska -Klekowska on “The Genesis of the Establishment of the State of Israel”. This was followed by a presentation of images of contemporary Israel, showing Tel Aviv as a modern city and historic Jerusalem with its Chassidic district.

Another attraction was the presentation of Israeli cuisine by the Warsaw chef Jakub Chojecki.

Here, event participants had the opportunity to see how many dishes are made – hummus, lentil falafels, spicy carrot salad, beetroot salad with yoghurt and tahina, marinated radishes, shakshouka and tropical fruit salad with pomegranate. Jakub’s baked naan bread also proved to be very popular was very popular. Everyone was able to try all the dishes and it must be admitted that everyone was indeed happy and full.

The celebration ended with the singing of Hatikva, Israel’s national anthem.

The event was made possible thanks to a grant from the Polish Ministry of the Interior and Administration.