This Year’s Częstochowa Jewish Cemetery Clean-Up Continues!

July 4, 2021
Words: Alon Goldman Photos: Asia Garbowicz Sidorowicz

Our annual clean-up of the Częstochowa Jewish Cemetery continued with more of our amazing volunteers.

Among these volunteers were Paweł Kulig, who regularly tends to the Łódż Jewish Cemetery, Dariusz Popiela, Polish champion and Olympic kayaker and founder of the “People, Not Numbers” project and Krzysztof Straus, great friend of the the World Society.

During the clean-up, a memorial service was held for two Częstochowa victims of the Kielce pogrom which took place on 4th July 1946. It was committed by Polish soldiers, police officers and civilians, during which forty-two Jews were killed and more than forty were wounded. Among those killed were Częstochowa Jews Dawid Gruszka z”l and Szmul Rembak z”l, who are buried, side by side, in the Częstochowa Jewish Cemetery.

For more information about the grave-site, click HERE.

The service was conducted by Jeffrey Cymbler, founder of the Będzin-Sosnowiec-Zagłembie Area Research Society. Via the internet, Arye Gruszka, from Israel, spoke of his uncle Dawid Kruszka z”l and recited Kaddish. From the USA, Yaakov Waszilewicz, a relative of Szmul Rembak z”l, recited El Male Rachamim.

This was yet another cemetery clean-up day organised by World Society Vice-President Alon Goldman, at whose invitation Paweł Kulig, Dariusz Popiela, Krzysztof Straus and Jeffrey Cymbler joined in the efforts of our volunteers

Thank you to the volunteers who came and performed a great deal of work on the day.
However, due to the Cemetery’s poor condition, there is still much to do.

Together, with your support, we can do much more!

!יחד עם התמיכה שלכם נוכל לעשות הרבה יותר

The Association of Częstochowa Jews in Israel supports these works by financing the purchase of tools and gloves,
as well as protection against ticks and mosquitoes.

We also hire skilled aborists and mulching machines as needed.

Together, with your support and contribution, we can do more! A donation to support our activities can be made as detailed below: