Częstochowa Commemorates 78th Anniversary of “Small Ghetto” Liquidation

June 28, 2021
Sources: TSKŻ Częstochowa Branch and Alon Goldman

A ceremony took place, at the Częstochowa Jewish Cemetery, marking the 78th anniversary of the liquidation of the Częstochowa “Small Ghetto”, with flowers being laid at monuments in the cemeteries central area.

At the ceremony, when requesting one minute’s silence, TSKŻ Częstochowa branch Chairwoman, Izabela Sobańska -Klekowska said, “On behalf of the 5,200 Polish Jews, who were saved from the Częstochowa ghetto, including 1,500 Częstochowa residents, from generation to generation, we carry the memory of the victims of the Częstochowa ghetto, with the message that this tragedy should never happen to any nation. We always openly oppose xenophobia, antisemitism and discrimination. On this 78th anniversary, we remember all the Jewish citizens of Poland who were murdered in the Częstochowa ghetto.”

Other present at the ceremony included Deputy Mayor of Częstochowa, Bartłomiej Sabat, Deputy Chair of the Częstochowa City Council, Jolanta Urbańska, Principal of the Słowacki High School Magdalena Kaj and Director of the Christian Association Adulam, Elżbieta Ferenc.