Israeli and Polish Students Meet in Częstochowa

March 24, 2019

The first of six meetings, planned for 2019, between Israeli high school students and students from Częstochowa has taken place. These meetings will involve around 1,500 students, with an equal number from Israel and Poland.

The connection between the schools was created with the help of Alon Goldman and also results in a dialogue between teachers from the participating schools.

This meeting began on the morning of March 15th 2019, when some 105 Rabin High School students from Kfar Saba arrived at the Copernicus High School where all students particpated in joint activities.

Following three hours at the school, the Rabin high school students continued their tour of the Jewish heritage sites in Częstochowa and completed their visit to the Jewish Cemetery, where they learned about what happened in Częstochowa during the Holocaust and the story behind the mass graves.

The cumination of the visit for the Israeli students was their volunteer activity to help clean the cemetery and its tombstones. A number of Polish students joined into this activity. With the help of the volunteers of the ADULAM FOUNDATION of Częstochowa, the local TSKŻ and the tools we provided, the high school students spent an hour and a half cleaning neglected gravestones.