Vandalism Again at Częstochowa Jewish Cemetery

March 28, 2019

Unfortunately, our Częstochowa Jewish Cemetery has again been been the target of an act of vandalism.

This time, the culprits focused on the ohel of the Pilzter Rebbe, Rabbi Izaak Majer Justman.

This act of vandalism follows shortly after another act of antisemitic graffiti on the Cemetery gate which occurred in December 2018. The perpetrators of that act have still not been apprehended.

A complaint has been submitted by us to the local police and Alon Goldman has written to the Mayor of Częstochowa.

We hope that, this time, the law enforcement agencies will find the criminals and take all the necessary measures against them for their antisemitic, vandalism of our Jewish cemetery in Częstochowa, the last remnant of the magnificent Jewish community of Czestochowa which no longer exists.

We also expect that, until the criminals are found, the city’s law enforcement agencies will increase security measures to safeguard the Cemetery against similar attacks in the future.

These criminal acts strengthen the need to fully restore the wall around the Cemetery and we very much hope that the municipality will find a way to carry out this important task.

Submitted by: Alon Goldman